Minggu, 28 September 2014

Using SMS As an Effective Marketing Tool

Short messaging service is a facility that allows you to reach out to a thousand consumers at the mere click of a button. Realizing this potential of the SMS, marketers are gradually planning their advertising campaigns to include more of message based marketing. After all, messages are the easiest and most effective means of communicating with your audience in a personalized manner. From seeking opinions to asking for feedback, marketers are using the power of short messaging service to engage their customers like never before. Apart from the increased engagement, SMS or short messaging service is also an excellent option for brands wanting to initiate a conversation with their stakeholders.

For those of you who are still not sure about the effectiveness of SMS as a marketing tool, here are a few interesting facts.

SMS is more effective

To put it simply, SMS is an effective medium. There are studies and extensive researches that prove the effectiveness of SMS as a marketing tool. In fact, these researches clearly indicate that people are more likely to read an SMS than watch an advertisement. After all, non-e of us like our favorite TV program or song to be interrupted by long ad breaks, do we?

Its awareness driven selling

Any business is all about selling ideas. Using the effectiveness of SMS, marketers are able to achieve awareness driven selling that is long lasting and also brings in more profits. Additionally grosir aksesoris handphone, the awareness driven selling ensures that your customers develop a stronger connect with the brand and keep coming back for more.

You are talking to one customer at a time

Unlike most of the traditional methods of advertising, SMS marketing allows you to talk to one customer at a time. The message is a personalized approach ensuring that your customer feels more important and connected with the brand. For any type of organization, it is this involvement that brings repeat business for your brands.

It's cost effective

When you talk to marketers about advertising campaigns, they always freak out at the idea of investing huge amounts of money. However, with SMS marketing money or budget is never a concern. Given the minimal effort required to design an SMS campaign and the high returns on investment, it comes across as one of the most cost effective options. Also, there are several brands who have achieved big targets by relying solely on the magic of SMS driven marketing.

Selasa, 23 September 2014

8 Important Elements To Include On Your Personal Branding Website

8 Important Elements To Include On Your Personal Branding Website

The hub of your online personal brand will be a website that showcases your expertise, experience and personality. Don't let the idea of creating a website intimidate you. There are many easy, turnkey ways to create a website using blogging software, such as WordPress or Blogger. Once you secure your software, here are eight essential elements you need to include on your website.

#1: About Me page

The "About Me" section is the place to tell your story: how you became interested in your field cetak kartu nama murah online, how you have evolved into an industry expert in your niche and what level of experience you have. Include a professional photo, and write in the first person, channeling your inner storyteller. Show your personality, too, so people get to know the "real you" behind the personal brand.

#2: Contact Me page

Don't make people guess how to contact you. Put your "Contact Me" information at the top of your website (most people have it on the right upper-hand corner of the homepage). Ideally, include a form on the Contact Me section with fields for name, email address and phone number, plus a large field so visitors can type in their specific question.

#3: Blog

There are many ways to incorporate your blog into the website. Some websites have teasers to the latest blog posts right from the homepage. Others have a link to the blog from the top navigation bar. And other websites list the most recent blog post titles on their homepage. Play around and find the best solution for your website design and audience.

#4: Services/Products

If you are an entrepreneur, it is essential that you include information on what services and products you offer. Depending on your business, this may include having a shopping cart feature so people can buy straight from your website. Be clear with your pricing and product descriptions so people understand what they are buying.

#5: Testimonials

Whenever you have a satisfied customer or a peer who can recommend you, include a testimonial from this person on your website. Depending on the amount of testimonials you gather, consider having an entire page for your testimonials. Another effective technique is to sprinkle your testimonials throughout your website. Include the person's photo, name, job title and website to further validate the endorsement. For an additional punch, record a video of the person's testimonial.

#6: As Seen In

For more social proof, considering adding a box to your homepage with a list of media outlets where you have appeared. This could include offline publications as well as online ones.

If you have links to your media interviews, then also consider adding them to your "About Me" section, or have a separate section for your media spotlights.

#7: Links to social media sites

On your homepage, include a list of where you appear on social media. This is usually accomplished by including social media icons that link to your specific account. Consider adding a Facebook Like Box as well to your homepage. Studies have shown that including the Like Box on your website increases page likes because people don't have to leave your website to like the Facebook page.

#8: Opt-in and free gift

If you want to build an email list, you should add a fantastic free gift offer on to your homepage. Then, word your offer so that anyone who enters his name and email address for the gift will receive your weekly newsletter as a bonus. Offering a free gift is a great way to grow your list, plus you can showcase your expertise by sharing your knowledge about your field.

Your personal branding website is a crucial element of your overall strategy, so be sure to include these eight important components. One final piece of advice: Write for your customer. Solve their problems, feel their pain points and offer solutions. This will propel your personal branding website even more.

Minggu, 21 September 2014

Selecting The Best Watches For Men

Selecting The Best Watches For Men

A timeless timepiece is one of the few items a man holds close to his heart. Have you ever wondered why? Because it tells time and second it comments on his personal style.

If your man is obsessed with watches, giving him a wristwatch on his birthday or as an anniversary present sounds like the perfect gifting option. And, when you've already decided on that we know what's stopping you. The diverse range of styles, designs, materials and technology makes it hard to decide!

We've pulled together a list of the best watches for men. You're sure to find a perfect match for your man in this list that includes elegant leather units, luxury brands, modern classics, chunky sport watches, casual slim pieces and high-tech devices. Take a look.

Recommendations for the Best Watches for Men

    Luxury watches: Luxury watches stand out for their excellent workmanship and superior function, but they are expensive. They are available in plastic as well as metals such as titanium and stainless steel. They have integrated alarms, calendars and timers. They are also waterproof. Breitling is a well-known luxury brand.

    Classic watches: A classic watch is recognized for its simplistic, timeless designs jual jam tangan fortuner. Classic units make a good investment option too as their value increases over time. The Swiss brand Patek Phillip exhibits an impressive lineup of classic units.

    Sports watches: The two features to look for in a sport's watch are functionality and appeal. It should tell time accurately; it should also be shockproof and water resistant. Casio's G-Shock and Omega Seamaster are popular in this category.

Tips to Select Watches for Men

    Your man's personal style is the best guideline to help you choose. Design and style are also important if your man has an eye for fashion. Men whose lives revolve around technology would prefer a timepiece with advanced features, sleek designs and a futuristic look while others who love the classics would appreciate legacy watches featuring vintage designs and the conventional leather bands.

    A question you need to ask yourself when shopping for men's watches is does he change his wristwatch according to his outfit - a conservative style for work and a flashier one to go with casual clothing? If he does so, you can buy a watch based on the different occasions he wears his timepiece. Otherwise, you can opt for a universal design; one that will suit different occasions and outfits.

    Measure his wrist size. Large dials with a chunky design doesn't look good on a slim wrist and vice versa. The wrist size will help you make the best choice.

    Consider its build quality and durability. These features are particularly important on a unit that will be worn daily and subjected to rugged use.

    Set your budget. You can get a quality timepiece without breaking the bank. Decent quality units start at £100. Compare and contrast different units to get the best value for your money.

Use these tips to buy a watch that suits his lifestyle, complements his personal style and fits your pocket; take our word he'll wear it for decades to come.

Kamis, 18 September 2014

T-Shirt Design - Choosing Between Screen and Digital Printing

Different techniques can be used to print your t-shirt design onto your T-shirt, and unsurprisingly, they produce different results. In this article, we examine screen printing and digital t-shirt printing, and the pros and cons of each one, to help you choose the best way to create your dream t-shirt.

Screen printing for t-shirts
If you had an industrious art teacher at school, you may have tried a simple version of screen printing in which a template for each colour of your design creates the spaces where the ink can be pressed onto the fabric. The same principle applies in professional t-shirt screen printing, although there is more automation of the actual printing once the set-up has been completed.

Digital printing
This is sometimes called "direct to garment digital printing" or simply DTG. This technique involves the application of textile water-based inks to the t-shirt using a specialised digital printer. The design is usually fixed onto the garment with a heat press.

Choosing the best t-shirt printing technique
When considering which technique to choose for a t-shirt print run, many people ask which provides the best quality finish. In fact, the best technique depends on the t-shirt design you want to print, as some are better suited to each technique. It also depends on the colours you are printing and the colour of the base garment too.

The best T-shirt designs for screen printing
Bold designs with thick lines and few colours are best suited to screen printing, producing very high quality results grosir kaos distro murah berkualitas. If you are using a digital image with fine colour blending or black and white shading in your t-shirt design, screen printing will simply not be able to reproduce the image well.

Of course, other factors will influence the price of your t-shirt run, such as the number being produced, especially as screen printing does involve more setting up before printing can begin. The number of colours in the design also affects the price as a different screen is required for each colour.

If your T-shirt design is relatively simple, screen printing may well be the best option as it produces a very high quality finish. Many in the t-shirt printing industry maintain that the best vibrancy of colour can only be produced by screen printing. The durability of screen printed t-shirts following multiple wears and washes is also considered to be the best, but of course, the quality of inks used and the base garment will also be a factor.

The best T-shirt designs for digital printing
Advances in printing technology have improved the finish of digitally printed t-shirts immensely over recent years. If you tried it a few years ago and were disappointed by seeing dots in your design, don't let it discourage you now. Modern digital t-shirt printing machines produce better finishes now, with better durability than ever before.

If you are using a photograph or complex, multi-coloured image in your t-shirt design, digital printing is the way to go as it can reproduce photorealistic designs. In addition, it's the cheaper option if you only need a small number of t-shirts produced as the set-up costs are lower.

One important factor to consider with digital printing is the colour of the base garment, as generally that colour is the most prominent in the design, and as a result, best effects are achieved using white t-shirts when printing a multi-coloured design. Only the very best DTG t-shirt printers may be able to get excellent results with black or dark coloured t-shirts. Printing white ink can still be problematic, so avoiding using DTG t-shirt printing for designs that contain substantial white areas, especially on dark base garments, is a wise choice.

With the advances in digital T-shirt printing over recent years, it's no longer simply a case of "screen printing produces the best results" - instead, start with the needs of your design and examine whether screen printing or DTG digital T-shirt printing can best reproduce it.

In short, if your design is simple and has few colours, generally screen printing is the method to opt for, but may be more expensive for a small print run. If your T-shirt design involves many colours and photorealistic images, then digital printing should be your first choice. Of course, the best t-shirt printing companies will be happy to give you advice on what is best for your needs.

Rabu, 03 September 2014

Propane Delivery or Pickup?

Propane Delivery or Pickup?

If you use a gas grill it's likely you order propane tanks. Many people run the grill off of their home gas line but others choose to buy propane tanks. Many companies allow you to purchase one tank and get it refilled at a great price. Others let you rent the tank and once it runs out you return it, just like a keg. You can either get your propane tanks delivered or pick them up yourself.

There are many pluses to having you tank delivered. If you need it the day of a party, you can set everything up knowing your propane tank is on it's way. This gives you time to cook and set up everything before you need to use the grill. Your propane tank could even be delivered early in the day, so you can grill before everyone comes over. There are plenty of different companies that supply propane tanks for delivery. There are different sizes of tanks as well, that will give you enough propane depending how long you'll be grilling for. Delivery is a great choice, that allows you to do other things while it's on it's way kambing guling. Just like ordering food you don't need to go out and get it yourself.

Picking up the tank has it's perks as well, that may make you think about picking up your tank. Rather than having it delivered to your home. Picking up is often fast and easy. You can ask for a tank and within a minute you should have it. You'll pay for it and be out of the door in no time. When you are in the store you'll get to see how much propane is in the tank. You'll notice if the tank is dented or broken. Having a tank delivered could run the risk of getting a dented tank. You could also run the risk of not receiving a fully filled tank. Many companies won't run this mistake but it could happen. At the store you'll see them test it and know it's full. You can even speak to a manager if you are unhappy. When the tank is delivered you'll have to drop everything and run to the store or even call if there is a problem.

Both methods of getting your propane tank for your gas grill can have it's up and downs. Which ever you think is best for you, you should do.